Spicy Beef Self-Heating Mini Hotpot

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Spicy Beef Self-Heating Mini Hotpot Ingredients:

1. Glass Noodles

2. Seasoning Sauce Packet

3. Vegetable Packet

4. Sauced Beef Packet

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You can Enjoy the Hot & Yummy Food Outdoor and Home, Just only with water.


Self-heating Hot pot is a new type of Hot pot especially popular in recent years. It belongs to a type of Fast Food, No Fire or Electricity. It is mainly composed of food materials, pot for cooking, pot cover, outer pot and heating bag. In self-heating Hot pot, the bottom of the pot keeps separate from the ingredients, and most of the ingredients have been processed at high temperatures as pre-cooked food, no need to cook for a long time as the regular Hot pot.

Self-heating Hot pot is a Convenient Food, which uses the heating bag to heat the pre-cooked ingredients and the bottom of the pot by it’s heating. The heating principle is to use the main component quicklime of heating bag heats up when it meets water. It immediately heats up in 5-10 seconds after it meets cold water. The temperature can reach above 90℃ until boiling, and the temperature of steam can reach 110℃, then use water vapor to heat or cook food and keep it warm for up to 2 hours.

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