vegan tomato flavor instant glass noodles

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Vegan without animal content, with HALAL Certificate

Ingredients Packets:

1. Sweet Potato Starch Glass Noodles

2. Seasoning Oil Packet

3. Seasoning Powder Packet

4. Dehydrated Vegatables Packet

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Satisfying Your Stomach, Exciting Your Taste Buds.

” Hot and Sour Glass Noodle” is one of the traditional snacks originated from Chongqing & Sichuan and then widely spread in the urban and rural areas of China, it’s one famous Folk Food. The vermicelli cake is made of 100% Natural Sweet Potato Starch. The flavor was named after highlighting the sour and spicy flavor and then become very popular special Casual Dining and Convenience Food. It is also a ingredient that Chinese people cook when eating Hot Pot both at home and restaurants, Spicy, Fresh, Fragrant, Sour and Oil But Not Greasy.  It’s a Natural Green & Convenience Food and can also be prepared separately for easy carrying, You Can Enjoy The Delicious Food Anywhere Where You Like.

Convenient and instant to eat. Vegan. 1 glass noodles cake and 4 packets of seasoning ingredients, hot and sour flavor, rich flavor,refreshing and delicious.  Convenient to carry, no need to cook in a pot. Just brew in boiling water for a few minutes and you can eat the delicious food immediately. Low calories. Foods that are nutritious and very healthy.

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