100% Natural Dehydrated/Dried AD Mushroom shii-take

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100% Natural Dehydrated/Dried AD Mushroom Shii-take

Natural DehydratedDried AD Mushroom shii-take (1)
Natural DehydratedDried AD Mushroom shii-take (1)


Dried Shiitake mushroom contain lots of nutrients, especially vitamin D.( 30 times more vitamin D than raw Shiitake mushroom). It is said that this is an indispensable nutrient to help children grow. Dried shiitake mushroom also contains 10 times more potassium than raw Shiitake mushroom. Potassium is said to be effective to help ease swelling. there is also a function that aids the absorption of calcium which is said to help brain development.
Although dried Shiitake mushroom have many nutritious values like this,there are other ways to use these mushroom,such as steaming,baking,frying and stir frying.


The efficacy and role of shiitake mushrooms

1. Shiitake mushrooms are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin A. These vitamins are able to supplement our daily needs. These different types of health elements meet our daily needs, so as to maintain daily life activities, so that our health is well protected.

2. There are as many as 10 kinds of amino acids in shiitake mushrooms. We all know that there are 8 essential amino acids in the human body, and shiitake mushrooms contain 7 kinds of these 8 kinds of amino acids. Eating shiitake mushrooms can promote our digestion and are easy to be digested and absorbed by us, which plays a good role.

3. Shiitake mushrooms are rich in glutamic acid and acid elements such as agaric acid, tricholic acid and rosinine contained in many foods. These acids ensure the delicious taste of Shiitake mushrooms and taste excellent when eaten. . It is of great benefit to our body.


When dried Shiitake mushroom are soaked in water the soup stock will contain a lot of beneficial ingredients. Which can be used as a soup or with noodles.


Organoleptic Attribute Description
Appearance/Color Brown and White
Aroma / Flavor Characteristic Mushroom Shii-take ,  no foreign odors or flavor


Shape / Size 1-3mm, 3x3mm, 5x5mm, 10x10mm, 40-80mesh
Size can be customized 
Ingredients 100% natural Mushroom Shii-take,
without additives and carriers.
Moisture ≦8.0%
Total Ash ≦2.0%


Total Plate Count <1000 cfu /g
Coli forms <500cfu/g
Total Yeast & Mold <500cfu/g
E.Coli ≤30MPN/100g
Salmonella Negative
Staphylococcus Negative


Products are supplied in high-density polyethylene bags and corrugated fiber cases. Packing material must be of food grade quality, suitable for protection and preservation of contents. All cartons must be taped or glued. Staples must not be used.

a. Small bags: 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, etc

b. Bulk packaging: 10-25kg per carton lined with food grade plastic bag

c. Other kinds of packaging as per customer's request

d. Carton Size: 53*43*47 CM, 57*44*55 M, 65*44*56 CM

Container Loading: 12MT/20GP FCL; 24MT/40GP FCL


Package label includes: Product Name, Product code, Batch/Lot No., Gross Weight, Net Weight, Prod Date, Expiry Date, and Storage Conditions.


Should be Sealed and Stored on the pallet, away from the wall and ground, under Clean, Dry, Cool and Ventilated Conditions without other odorants, at the temperature below 22 ℃(72℉)and below relative humidity of 65% (RH<65%).


12 Months in Normal Temperature; 24 Months from production date under recommended storage conditions.


HACCP, HALAL, IFS, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007

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